Green Group:

Building Understanding of the Role of Technology in the Classroom

Tuesday AM (9:00 start, 10:30 break, 11:30 lunch)

Wikis: Manage Classroom Content and Collaboration
Thinkfinity & Social Bookmarking Part II
Making Bookmarks Social: Diigo ID's

More Google
Google Reader

Tuesday PM (12:30 start, 1:45 Break, 3:15 open lab)

Google Documents: A World of Collaborative Possibilities
Google ID's

Let's chat with a presenter...
More Cool Tools for the Classroom
The Five
Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning
15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration

Cacoo &
Embed Youtube in Powerpoint
Common Craft Videos

o Wordle
o Word Sift
o Tagul
o Tagxedo

Monday Am (10:30 start, 11:30 lunch)

A Model 21st Century Lesson Experience

Monday PM (12:30 start, 1:45 Break, 3:15 open lab)

Google: Much More Than a Search Engine

Thinkfinity for 21st Century Learning
Social Bookmarking: It’s Not Your Grandma’s Bookmarks

Diigo to Delicious