Mobile Devices--Ready or Not, Here They Come

The emergence of mobile technologies, e.g. smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers, are making a dramatic impact on education. Administrators, teachers, and technology coordinators need to be aware of how these technologies impact classrooms as more and more students bring personal devices to school, as well as making informed decisions for future school purchases.

This session is geared for both 1) educators and tech coordinators with little experience using mobile technology who want to know more about its potential, and 2) intermediate-experienced users who want to expand their knowledge about using mobile devices. This hands-on session centers on the iPad & iPod Touch to provide some experience with using mobile technology, as well as some exposure to other devices like Android tablets and e-readers. The first hour will be geared for beginners who have little experience using the devices, while the next three hours will cover a wide variety of mobile technology usage, including web 2.0 apps, e-book readers, video and podcast apps, maps, language translation, music, voice-based apps, camera-based apps, and setup of javascript-based bookmarklets in the web browsers.

Part 1
Introduction Prezi--Mobile Vocabulary

Part 2
  • Finding Apps
  • EBooks (Kindle)
  • Video & Podcasts
  • Managing Apps

Part 3
  • Music
  • Voice/Camera
  • Translation/Transcription
  • Web2.0 Apps

Part 4

Lennie's Diigo

Lennie's Diigo--apps lists